Come soar with us!

All the fun of multiplayer, none of the hassle.

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The Book of Steve


High in the Sky

Build your home on a free private island in the sky!  You choose the biome and re-roll your landscape as many times as you like.  Invite friends to join you, or... keep it all to yourself.  ;)



New Worlds Daily

Leap from your island to explore an entirely new wilderness world every day, filled with unexplored expanses, mysterious caverns packed with ore, villages, strongholds, and more!  Take what you gather back home, where you can build away from monsters.



Epic Elytra Adventures!

Defeat our dragon to earn your elytra, then soar amongst the islands to discover what others are building or survey the pristine wilderness below!

Minecraft with Altitude

Every player gets a free, personal island in the sky!  You choose your island's biome (desert, jungle, ice spikes, etc) and regenerate its landscape as often as you like.  To adventure and collect resources, just jump off!  When you're ready to return from the wilderness, just type /home.  You can even take animals and villagers back with you by typing /home when they're nearby!

Our surgical departure from Vanilla multiplayer solves its biggest problems - no overcrowding, no resource starvation, and a new world to explore every day!


A Unique Build Experience

Enjoy the unique opportunities of island living!  Because monsters don't spawn on your island, you don't have to carpet your yard with torches or enclose everything for sake of security.  You won't get hungry or injure yourself, either.  :)


What will you do with your island?  Carve it into a new shape, build structures hanging from it, or keep it "natural"?  If you'd like to go bigger, server supporters can get much larger islands - the largest size is 16 times the size of your first island!


New Toys!

Complete daily quests to get custom decorative blocks to use in your builds, explore our dungeons for not-craftable loot with new enchantments and lore text.  Decorate your home with collectible monster heads of every kind and train monsters to follow and help you.  Brew enhanced potions with new, stronger, or longer effects than their vanilla counterparts.  And all this without having to install any mods!


New Adventures Daily

Soar delivers the new-server experience all day, every day.  At 4am central standard time, the wilderness world gets replaced with an entirely new world, and the Nether and End worlds reset.  That means limitless, pristine landscape at your doorstep.  Replace the usual "who took all the diamonds?!" frustration with fresh villages and mansions, unexplored caverns, newly-spawned strongholds, and all the other wonders of Minecraft typically absent from long-lived servers.


Adventuring with a friend?  Jump off the same island to land together in the wilderness!


Active, Friendly Community

Minecraft is more fun with friends!  If you're looking for a friendly Minecraft server, the search stops here.  Invite others to visit by sharing your island name, which you set with /NameIsland.  Change it as often as you like, or clear it with /UnNameIsland.

Got build buddies?  We use GriefPrevention to automatically protect your island.  Commands like /Trust and /ContainerTrust allow others to change it.

Stay connected with our /Discord server, including 2-way access to our in-game chat!


Minecraft for Grown-Ups!

Welcome home!  Finding a good Minecraft server can be tough.  :)  Soar is for mature players of any age.  We give anyone who doesn't play well with others the boot.  This simple policy fosters a community of well-meaning, likeable individuals who love to play Minecraft together.


  • Be kind or keep to yourself.

  • When you make a mistake, apologize.

  • Don't build anything specifically to offend.

  • Don't cheat to the extent of leaving little resources for others.

  • Please no fly hacks.  Use an elytra to get around the islands.

  • Keep chat mature.  Profanity is fine except when used to insult.  Sexually explicit chat is unwelcome, but innuendo is appreciated.  :)  No exclusive language like homophobia, racism, ageism, etc.  If you're not sure it's OK, it's probably not.

  • Please no advertisements in the chat.