Frenemy is brand new (December 2020) and still under development.  There are many features still in planning, so all of the below is likely to change.  Join our Discord server to get important announcements about changes or to share your opinions or ideas!  Type /discord in game to join the Frenemy Discord.

Thanks for playing!!

Code of conduct

Players must be 18 years of age or older.  Frenemy's adults-only environment lets grown-ups feel that they can act like grown-ups instead of filtering because there might be a minor around.

Be kind or don't chat.  If you're kidding around, don't forget your winky emoticon.  ;)

Sexually explicit chat isn't welcome, but clever innuendo is appreciated.  :)  You can of course talk about sex and drugs, but please don't go on and on about either like a 16-year-old with a brand new fake ID.

No exclusive language like racism/sexism/ageism.  Controversial topics such as religion and politics are also out because they make everyone tense, and we're all here to relax and have fun.

How PvP Works

Frenemy is a "no-kill-on-sight" server.  That means players don't kill each other just because they can.  That's where most of the toxicity in Rust comes from.  You can still compete over the best loot and raid.

You can't be injured by another player while simply out gather resources and exploring, as long as you stay away from any bases and high-end loot.  You can be ambushed or raided at your base, or attacked while trespassing too close to someone else's.  Design your base with door camping and raiding in mind, and approach other bases at your own risk.

Players compete for the best loot.  You can attack or be attacked when you're close to hackable crates, supply drops, Bradley APC debris, or attack copter crash sites.  The PvP area is about the size of a grid square, centered at the loot location.  PvP generally starts when the events starts (timer starts, parachute opens, flaming crates appear) and ends shortly after the crate becomes lootable.

When you participate in PvP as above, you will be flagged for PvP so that you can be attacked by anyone, anywhere for the next 20 minutes.  Taking more PvP damage or attacking other players will extend that time.  This gives other players a chance to counter-raid or ambush loot runners, and prevents players stepping back into "safe" areas after starting a fight.  :)

You can type /pvp in chat to determine how much longer you will be flagged for PvP, or to check whether you're in a PvP area.


Cooperation carries huge competitive benefits in Rust, which makes the game much less accessible to players who don't have teammates who can commit to a regular schedule.  Frenemy is a haven for solo players, with rules to limit cooperation and prevent huge, unraidable bases shared by large teams.

You can't form teams and each player must keep his/her own base.  You'll find that you can't craft code locks or keys, or share access to your tool cupboard.  You can still trade, give a friend a sleeping bag near your base, defend a neighbor's base if you like, or temporarily team up with other players for raids and other loot runs.  :)  Keeping bases solo-owned limits their size and keeps them within reach for solo/duo raid parties.


Upkeep is disabled so you don't have to play regularly to keep your base (but you can be raided).  The size of your build is instead limited by number of tool cupboards.

Your plants won't die of old age.  Instead, they continue adding more yield the longer they grow.  You don't have to plan your real life schedule around Rust plant growth!

You can get more smelting done while offline.  Small furnaces produce half as much charcoal, so they don't fill up as fast and you can afford to pack more wood and ore before leaving them unattended.

I'm tentatively planning to add gathering bonuses when you've been offline more than 24 hours.

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