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Some would say this is too much information... others are never satisfied.  ;)


Your landing spot in the wilderness is determined by which island you leap from.  Small islands are guaranteed to drop you in a "new player friendly" with lots of starter resources, like a forest.  Larger islands will drop you in more exotic locales, so you can control your level of adventure by being thoughtful about the size of the island you're jumping from.

The nether and end worlds are entirely new every day.  You can check whether today's under dragon has been slain by typing /dragon.  The surface world is entirely new once per week (Tuesdays), but the spots where players drop down are randomized every reboot.

The reboot is at about 4am CST daily.

Island Generation

If your island doesn't start regenerating right way, it means yours is waiting in line behind another island.  You'll get a message when yours starts, and another when it's done.  There's currently no option to cancel or restart a regeneration you've requested.

There is no 'ocean' island biome option.  If you want lots of water on your island, 'beach', 'river', and 'swamp' are your best bets.

I can override your biome on request, meaning your island can stay exactly as it is but change weather patterns.  For example, you could have a desert where it snows, or a swamp where it never rains.  This also changes the coloring of some blocks, and has other minor impacts on gameplay.  Once I do this, your entire island will be ONE biome, and it can't be returned back to a mix of biomes unless you /regen again.

It's by design that any dungeons or other treasure generators are empty when generated into your island.  There's also no ore.  Island regeneration doesn't lag the server, but excessive regeneration can make wait times longer for players who aren't using it as a means of generating loot and other resources.  :)

The free new player islands "expire" if the owner doesn't log into the server for 30 days.  If you donate for an additional island, then ALL your islands (including the free one) will NEVER expire.  There are many abandoned islands which are just waiting for their 30 days to run out.  Please do not ask me if a player is active, because if it's less than 30 days I won't evict them anyway.  I understand it's a bummer to have an empty island next to you, but it's also a big disappointment for a player to log into the server and find that everything they've built has been destroyed.

Yes, I can grab a very specific slice of wilderness for your island if you give me wilderness coordinates and you have NOT built anything at those coordinates.  Steve accepts tips.

Animals and Villagers

You can take an animal (even a villager!) to another island by attaching a lead first before teleporting.  Aggressive monsters will not come with you (see 'pet monsters' below, though!).

To take your horse with you to the wilderness, be riding it when you jump off your island.

Except for players and animals, anything which falls off your island is gone forever.

Farm animals need to be interacted with regularly by players (right click).  As long as there are enough left to breed, forgotten animals will eventually be auto-removed.  Animals with nameplates live 3x as long without direct player interaction.  Pets (horses, cats, dogs, villagers) are exempt.  An animal removed for lack of interaction will be replaced with a fern.


If the server starts lagging, it starts working to mitigate by first disconnecting any idle players, then reducing large collections of similar animals (15 yellow sheep crowded in a small pen, for example).  This process will always leave at least 5 animals.  Animals with nameplates are exempt, but please don't get crazy with the nameplates - if nameplated creatures cause major lag, staff may remove them manually out of necessity.  A creature removed due to overcrowding will be replaced with a dead bush.

Collecting villagers from the wilderness requires you to both name them (with a nametag item) and trade with them enough to raise their level to Master.  Villagers will not breed on the islands.  If you want a nitwit villager on your home island, you may permanently convert a master craftsman to a nitwit by hitting it with a book titled "Idiocy 4 Dummies".

Our villagers don't give emeralds for items, to protect the value of emeralds in our server economy.  Instead, they offer some farmable items you might not want to take the time to farm yourself.  Clerics offer ore-for-ore trades at banker rates (ouch).


You will find dungeons scattered around the world, and if you're the first there, they will be crammed with loot.  The tower dungeons and mine dungeons (big holes in the ground) are for newish players and have loot at that level, while the underground maze and multi-layer dungeons are for advanced players.  All the dungeons have unique loot that you can't get in any way except from the dungeons, including gear that's impossible to craft, special enchantments not in the vanilla game, special potions not in vanilla, and recipes for advanced potions unique to our server.

Hard Mode


If you're looking for a bigger challenge, type /hard.  Hard mode includes unique challenges, like not being able to build or go home unless on top of a mountain...  and unique opportunities like special mobs to kill for heads or tame.  There are also secret achievements built in, which reward you with more powerful server commands and make sure everyone knows what a badass you are!


Soar has dedicated islands for unique experiences like PvP arenas, parkour, a hedge maze, various races, and more.  Discover them all by visiting the Hub island and walking through the portals there.  Type /visit hub to check it out!

You can also tour some of the server's coolest islands with the /tour command.  Every 5 minutes, the "tour" moves to a new spot!  Try going on a tour with a friend or two.

Trading with Players


You'll find our players are trustworthy, and you can trade with them by tossing items to trade on the ground.

There are also many vendor-ran stalls on a special market island (type /visit marketplace to get there).  You can get your own stall by donating to the server fund (type /Donate).  You're also welcome to set up a redstone-powered shop on your island or (after donating to unlock them) a vendor-ran shop on your island.


Creatures of all kinds can activate pressure plates - something to keep in mind if you intend to keep players out of some area of your island.  Similarly, wooden pressure plates can be activated by dropped items, and wooden buttons can be activated by projectiles.

To keep gameplay smooth, hoppers are limited to 10 per chunk.  Any construction which causes the server to struggle will be undone (even if it obeys this rule!) so please keep your contraptions contained.

Skill Levels

We have McMMO installed, which assigns "levels" for mundane skills like mining and fishing.  Higher levels grant passive skills and eventually right-click super-moves like mining a lot of ore at once or hitting all the monsters around you in a circle.  You don't have to understand how it works to enjoy the server - you can completely ignore it if it's not your thing.  Some think it's fun to engineer clever methods for quickly gaining levels in various skills.

We have disabled the "scoreboard" feature of McMMO because it attracts overly competitive (sometimes toxic) players.  You can compare your skill level with other interested players by asking them about their levels.

McMMO arcane salvaging has been disabled so some specific super-powerful enchantments can't be moved to stronger weapons and armor from well-balanced dungeon gear rewards.

McMMO alchemy has been disabled in favor of advanced potion brewing (see below).


If you love a challenge, try brewing.  Our server has unique recipes hidden in dungeons and public areas for super potions - these are harder to brew than vanilla potions, and are stronger and last longer.  Some even have special effects you can't get any other way.  To find the recipes, look here:

  • 2 on the Spawn island.

  • 2 on the Hub island.

  • 2 on the PvP island.

  • 1 on the Post Office island.

  • 1 on the prison island (/visit Australia).

  • 2 in dungeon chests.

  • 1 at the race track (/visit Horse Race).

  • Our signature recipe is near the survival bunker in the hedge maze (/visit Maze).

You'll also find several not-magical brews which mostly just get you the drunkenness effect at the spawn island's tiki bar.

Mob Heads

You can collect heads from almost every type of creature in the game, and use them to decorate (even with armor stands!).  Yes, there are many nuanced variations, like colors of sheep and types of villager.  You can also wear these heads yourself.

Daily Quests

You automatically get a quest once per real life day when you visit the wilderness.


These mostly involve hunting semi-rare monsters.  When you complete it, you get a custom decorative item (not available in Vanilla!) and 10 experience levels.  The blocks are technically heads, so you can also wear them as hats, put them on armor stands, or trade them with other players.

You can check your current quest by typing /quest, and abandon them there as well if you want.  When you give up your quest, you won't get one until the next day.  Technically, the 'next day' starts sometime in the evening U.S. time.

The rewards are randomly chosen from the "decoration", "plants", "food and drink", and "animals" categories on this site.  New items are added very frequently.  If you want a very specific head, or one from another category, you can buy them from our donation store cheaply (type /donate).

Island Donor Perks

Donating to get an island grants these bonus perks:

  • You can build on the Sandbox island (/visit sandbox).

  • Yellow chat text.

  • None of your islands will expire, including your free island.

  • When the server is full, you go ahead of not-island-donors in the login queue.

Pet Monsters

Except for bosses, monsters and farm animals can be made pets.  They follow you around, fight for you, carry your stuff, let you ride them, and more.  You teach them skills as they level up.  To tame a creature, you need to hit it with a lead (left click) when it's below half health AND you do not currently have a pet following you.


Read more about this plugin, including all the commands and pet skills, here.

Bonus XP, Potions

If you kill a monster with other players nearby, you all get a share of massively boosted XP from the kill.  More players, more boost!

New Enchants

You can read about special enchants we have which are not available in Vanilla here.  Most of these are only available in dungeons, except for a couple that you can get randomly from the enchanting table.  A single item can have up to 5 of these special enchantments.

The following are not available for griefing, server performance, or economy reasons:

wither, executioner, cutter, surprise, divine_touch, smelter, treasures, self_destruction, withered_arrows, explosive_arrows, ghast, bomber

Tips, Hacks, and Goodies

The /DepositAll command will solve all your inventory management problems.  It finds all the nearby containers you have permission to use, then automatically puts everything in your inventory which matches items in those boxes into the correct boxes.  Your hot bar will not be deposited, unless you hold shift while right-clicking a single box.  Ammunition and enchanted items will not be auto-deposited in any case.

If you're being hassled by another player, you can /ignore them to block their chat, or /eject them from your island in the case of (virtual) physical harassment.  Please also report any bad behavior to me privately via Discord.  Our only rule is "get along with others", and I take it very seriously because I want everyone to have a relaxing, fun time while building friendships.

For sake of teleporting, "outside" is actually determined by how much light you're getting from the sky.  So you could teleport through a glass ceiling, for example.

Our Ender Dragon ALWAYS drops a dragon head, a dragon egg, and an elytra.  Even if you respawn him.  Our ghasts drop glowstone dust, and in nether fortresses only, pig men drop nether wart.

I don't mind doing some types of bulk world changes for players.  Since Minecraft is mostly about creative building, I won't create anything new for you, but I don't mind moving what you've already created or helping you remove something because WOW can that sort of thing be tedious.  For example, if you decide to shift that giant tower 5 blocks to the left, or to flatten your island or chop it in half, I can do that for you.  Steve accepts tips.


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